Yuigadokuson Update

Yuidoku (Summer 2015)

Yuidoku (Summer 2015). L-R: Yuho, Sakura, Mai, Nonami

Hello, everyone! As mentioned in my previous Mai update, she’s now part of a band called Yuigadokuson, or shortened to Yuidoku. It consists of 4 members: Mai, Yuho, Sakura, and Nonami. They are currently an indie idol group. Not much else is known about the group. They are a remake of a group in from 2014ca, which had 2 original songs: Wow wow wow ラララ and Run!!. They currently perform a cover of SweetS’ Grow into shinin’ stars. Recently they performed a new original song, currently untitled.

Below is a video from April of them practicing.

This is a video from July.

And this is a performance from August, in which they perform Run!!, Wow wow wow ラララ, and Untitled.

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