Name: 瀧本美織 (Miori Takimoto)
Birthdate: October 16th, 1991
Birthplace: Tottori prefecture
Height: 5′ (153 cm)
Zodiac: Libra
Blood type: O
Skill: Rhythmic gymnastics
Audition Song: BoA – Valenti
Idols: Hamasaki Ayumi-san, Shimatani Hitomi-san
Fav. color: almost all colors
Fav. phrase: 何事もチャレンジ!! (Nanigoto mo charenji!) [Take on all challenges!]
Aspires: to be able to do all things through perseverence
Fav. hobby: Reading magazines
Fav. animal: Dog
Fav. season: All
Fav. book: Harry Potter
Fav. movie: Resident Evil/Biohazard
Nickname: Mii-chan
Fav. thing to do during off days: Playing with friends
School subject: Physical Education
Cares about: Family, friends, the other members
Thing she wants to try: Flying in the sky
Place she wants to visit: London, England
First live concert: DREAMS COME TRUE
Fav. SweetS song: Love like candy floss
Fav. SweetS PV: Sky

Miori did various modeling projects during her time with SweetS. She appeard in two commercials for Waseda Academy in 2005. In summer of 2005, she was selected to participate in a song entitled Perseus. along with Yu Hasebe, Nao Nagasawa, and fellow SweetS member Mai Iwasaki. Again in the winter, she was selected along Yu Hasebe and fellow SweetS member Mai Iwasaki to participate in a song entitled Koi no Maiahi (Nihongo Version). In November 2007, she appeared in the promotional video for Himari’s Akaneiro, Sora no Shita…. In the year 2009, she appeared in two promotional videos: Fukuramu’s ‘Natsu no Hi’ and YUI’s ‘Never Say Die’. Miori is currently with Stardust. She has already appeared in a large selection of dramas and movies.

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