Name: 岩崎舞 (Mai Iwasaki)
Birthdate: October 1st, 1991
Birthplace: Nagasaki prefecture
Height: 4′ 11″ (150 cm)
Zodiac: Libra
Blood type: B
Skill: Singing, Dancing
Audition Song: Yellow Generation – Kitakaze to Taiyou
Idol: BoA-san
Fav. color: Light blue
Fav. phrase: ありがとう♥♥ (Arigatou) [Thank-you]
Aspires: to be able to sing songs with more emotion
Fav. hobby: Reading manga
Fav. animal: Dog, Turtle
Fav. season: Winter
Fav. movie: Finding Nemo
Nickname: Mai!, Ganmai (an elementary school nickname – thanks cool beans!), Mai-tan
First thing in the morning: Wash her face
Fav. time of the day: Chatting simultaneously with friends (online I guess)
Fav. thing to do during off days: Shopping
School subject: Physical Education, Music, Art & Craft
Cares about: Her dog ‘Ruru’, accessories, clothes
Thing she wants to try: Nationwide live performance
Place she wants to visit: America, China
Strength: Brightening up a place
Weakness: Biting her fingernails
First live concert: Amuro Namie
Fav. SweetS song: Never Ending Story
Fav. SweetS PV: Sky

Mai used to attend the Starlight School. She was formerly in a group called X-CROSS, which released one single, entitled Keep on dreamin’ on. In summer of 2005, she was selected to participate in a song entitled Perseus. along with Yu Hasebe, Nao Nagasawa, and fellow SweetS member Miori Takimoto. Again in the winter, she was selected along Yu Hasebe and fellow SweetS member Miori Takimoto to participate in a song entitled Koi no Maiahi (Nihongo Version). In March 2008, Mai performed in a mini live show, singing SweetS original songs Love like candy floss, Never ending story, and I am I, as well as covering various songs. In 2010, Mai was studying at the STS Dance School. She appeared in a local commercial in 2012.

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