SweetS was a girl group consisting of five girls from Japan: Aki (leader), Aya (vocal leader), Haruna (vocal & dance leader), Mai (backing vocals & dancer), and Miori (backing vocals & dancer). avex trax held auditions for a girl group in 2002. The girls went through a whole year of training and were formed on April 4, 2003. They recorded their first song on May 5, 2003. Their debut live performance was in June. During late spring to early summer of 2003, an episode was released on Platinum Ticket each week, to help promote the group and get to know the girls. Their debut single, LolitA☆Strawberry in summer, was released on August 27, 2003. SweetS performed this single at venues such as AX Music, Girl Pop Factory, A-Nation, and 15-0. Love★Raspberry Juice soon followed, being released on November 19, 2003. This single was also performed in AX Music, and SweetS made their debut on Melodix!. The girls were then selected to take part in 1st X’mas, being featured in the song I love dream world ~世界中のしあわせを歌おう~ (white X’mas version) (I love dream world ~Sekaijuu no Shiawase no Shiawase wo Utaou~ (white X’mas version), alongside fellow avex trax groups, dream and Fruits Punch; they also got their own original song, Never Ending Story, and the single was released on December 10, 2003.

Love like candy floss followed up their other releases on February 11, 2004, and began to get them more recognition with a catchy, upbeat-tempo ballad. SweetS again appeared on Melodix! to perform this single, as well as making their debut appearances on UCD-TV and Pop Jam. Soon following, SweetS were featured in an advertisement for a bakery. Their first mini-album, self-titled SWEETS, was released on March 3, 2004, which ended the sweets-based era. SWEETS contained three new tracks, one remix, two bonus remixes, as well as the songs from their previous three singles; an optional first press CD+DVD contained five tracks. SweetS performed selected songs from this album for the first time in Pia Super Groove.

Grow into shinin’ stars began their elements era in June 2004, surprising fans yet again with a bouncy song, but one with an uplifting message. This was their first single that featured two new original songs. SweetS performed this single in Doyah for the first time. Grow into shinin’ stars was chosen as the theme song for the Tokyo Giants. During the summer, they performed a mini-show in Girl Pop Factory; known songs that they performed were original songs Grow into shinin’ stars and Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu and they covered the song Diamonds by Princess Princess. After several months, Sky came out on November 4, 2004, featuring another optimistic song, with a simple yet very catchy beat. SweetS made their first appearance on Genki Dash to perform this song, along with playing games alongside Country Musume and Lead. At the end of 2004, SweetS participated in 2nd X’mas along with dream and Aiko Kayo, being featured in both the songs 希望の歌~Merry Christmas to you~ (Kibou no Uta ~Merry Christmas To You~) and Let’s hang on.

SweetS entered 2005 with the single countdown on February 2. Their next mini-album, Keep on movin’ was released shortly after on February 23. This mini-album featured four new original songs, as well as songs from their previous three singles and a bonus remix. There was also an optional CD+DVD version, containing five tracks. Unknowingly to fans, SweetS visited Hawaii during a break between singles. There, they shot their next promotional video, filmed a DVD, took pictures for their upcoming photobook, performed at various public venues, visited a Hawaii school for girls, did radio interviews, learned how to fly jets, and mingled with Hawaiians. Their next release, ミエナイツバサ (Mienai Tsubasa), came out on June 1. Their promotional video featured clips of them in Hawaii, and eventually had three versions: regular, dance, and Hawaii. SweetS performed this single in a mall in Hawaii, as well as in Hot Wave. Wings of my heart followed up on July 20, which was SweetS’ first DVD. It was a documentary of their time spent in Hawaii, and included a Heart-to-Heart with each member. Earthship ~宇宙船地球号~ (Earthship ~Uchuusen Chikyuu Gou~) was their next single, released on August 10, and was the opening theme song for the anime “Law of Ueki”. This single was performed in Girl’s Box and A-Nation. Their first photobook, SweetS #1, came out August 27, and featured pictures from Hawaii, as well as the girls in their hometowns and houses, and a brief photographed history of their career. 5 elementS was released on October 5, and was SweetS’ first full-length album; it included the previous two singles, as well as five solo songs, and two new group songs. There were three versions: regular, which just contained one disc; a two-disc version, which came with a best of disc; and a deluxe limited version that came with the new album, the best of, and a DVD.

Aki and Aya then took a break from the group, in order to study for high school entrance exams. This left Haruna as lead vocals. The three-person unit released the single on the way ~約束の場所へ~ (on the way ~Yakusoku no Basho e~) on November 2. The single came with two live performance rips from their upcoming live DVD. During the remaining fall, Haruna, Mai, and Miori performed at several live venues. The three girls were again selected to participate in 3rd X’mas, alongside fellow avex artists dream, PARADISE GO!! GO!!, Aiko Kayo, Nao Nagasawa, Nanase Hoshii, and Saito Michi, and being featured in both the songs Giant X’mas ~友情にリボン~ (Giant X’mas ~Yuujou ni Ribbon~) and 希望の歌 ’05 ~Merry Christmas to you~ (Kibou no Uta ’05 ~Merry Christmas to you~). December 6 brought along their second DVD, and first live tour DVD, SweetS 1st LIVE TOUR Earthship ~Uchuusen Chikyuugou~. This included all of their previous single a-tracks, most of their previous album tracks, as well as the solo songs given to each member in 5 elementS.

SweetS returned from their brief absence with their tenth single, Bitter sweets, on March 22. The cover had the exact same layout as their debut single, LolitA☆Strawberry in summer. This, along with the promotional video, left fans speculating. Aki and Aya returned to SweetS after their mini-hiatus. On March 24, it was announced at their promotional performance for Bitter sweets that SweetS would be disbanding in June. No reason was given, although it is rumored that Miori wanted to leave to study for high school entrance exams, Aki and Aya were going to leave the group for high school, and Haruna and Mai were not enough to carry the group; confirmation as to the real cause remains undisclosed. SweetS traveled to Thailand to shoot their last promotional video, film their last DVD, and take photographs for their last photobook. Color of tears, Precious Memories, and Hi MA’AM were all released on June 7. Color of tears was their last single, and had a b-side called Dear my friends. Precious Memories was their final DVD, and contained a documentary of their time in Thailand. Hi MA’AM was their final photobook, and featured photographs taken in Thailand, as well as from their disbandment announcement. SweetS had their final performance the weekend following, but Miori was absent due to school. On August 2, Delicious ~Complete Best~ was released. It contained all of SweetS’ singles, as well as other songs. There was an optional CD+DVD version, that included footage from their final performances and graduation.

Throughout their career, SweetS appeared on television channels such as Channel-A, appeared in magazines such as Kindai, and had video reports on websites such as Barks. They sold over 100,000 items, and made it into the Oricon Top 10 for first day sales. SweetS performed at many meet and greet venues. All five girls attended middle school during their time in the group, commuting to Tokyo only on weekends and holiday to balance studies with their careers.

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