Name: 竹輪春奈 (Haruna Takewa)
Birthday: April 23rd, 1991
Birthplace: Nagasaki prefecture
Height: 5′ 1″ (156 cm)
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood type: AB
Skill: Dancing
Audition Song: Do As Infinity – Hi No Ataru Sakamichi
Idols: DA PUMP-san, BoA-san
Fav. color: Orange
Fav. phrase: 努力 (Doryoku) [Effort]
Aspires: to keep improving her singing and dancing
Fav. hobby: Using her computer
Fav. animal: Dog
Fav. season: Fall
Fav. book: Harry Potter
Fav. movie: Harry Potter
Nickname: Haruna, Haruu~
First thing in the morning: Dress up
Fav. time of the day: Night-time
Cares about: Accessories
School subject: Physical Education
Thing she wants to try: Seeing a big crowd at live performances at the Dome
Place she wants to visit: New York
Strength: Dancing
First live concert: Amuro Namie
Fav. SweetS song: Sky
Fav. SweetS PV: LolitA☆Strawberry in summer

Haruna used to attend the Starlight School. She currently has plans to have a career as a cosmetologist.

2 thoughts on “Haruna

  1. Tonette says:

    Haruna is a good singer too. She has so much talent. I just hate to see that talent go to waste. I found her on instagram recently. Her page is private and she denied my request. But that’s ok. I just hope that she’s doing well in life. For the others as well.

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