Ayaka Yoshimura began her professional career as a member of the former group SweetS, signed by avex. She was chosen from the avex trax 2002-2003 auditions, and the group debuted on 27 August 2003. During these years, she took the leading vocal role of the group. Ayaka and her fellow ex-SweetS members parted ways on 7 June 2006. After a brief absence from the idol world, she performed an original song in ORC200’s 13th Vocal Queen Contest on 4 May 2009 and won the People’s Choice Award. Ayaka is currently signed with Kool Groove Studios and is pursuing a solo musical artist career.

Nickname: Aya
Birthday: 1990 September 22
Blood type: type O
Home town: Osaka
Hobbies: travelling, scuba diving, biking
Special talents: Dancing, swimming, calligraphy, English
Respected artist: Angela Aki, Dreams come true
Dream: To become a big artist

Things she likes
Food: sushi, chicken sashimi, steamed pumpkin, ice cream
Colours: yellow, sky-blue
Places: Saipan
Sports: snowboarding, bowling
Words/phrases: “In individuality there is effort!”
Play: karaoke, water sports, card games
Seasons: summer
Movies: Dream Girls
Entertainers: Hanya
Qualities in people: have dreams, positive
Vibe: when the whole family will laugh

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