[REVIEW] Star Shine single


Yuidoku’s Star Shine single was released today! Here’s my review of it (keep in mind that I am holding any work here up to SweetS standards; if I was going to rate this against only other Yuidoku singles it would be a solid 5/5).

This is Yuidoku’s first release, not including the previous two digital releases. I would say this is definitely the first release by them that I will take seriously (beyond the Mai nostalgia factor). The work here proves that they are getting more funding and can grow as a group.

1. Star Shine  ★★★☆☆

This song is really cute and has some nice electro elements to it! It has the space-sound to it that a song related to stars would be expected to have. Overall, the vocals here are really smooth and stable. It’s much better produced than their former songs. Mai has proven herself as a lead vocalist, which never ceases to amaze me. Their voices blend really well in harmonies. Yuho and Sakura just aren’t strong vocalists and their parts make this song less of a contender than it could be – they sound really strained during their parts. This song is an easy listen and I don’t want to skip it, but there’s no real catch to get it stuck in my head so far. All of my critiques aside, this is the kind of direction that I hope Yuidoku continues going in. If Mai and Nonami have grown so much as vocalists, I have faith that Sakura and Yuho can get to this point as well. Side note: the instrumental is so pretty!


2. Anata no naka ni nemuru anata no kanousei o anata ga shinjiro  ★★★☆☆

I was surprised listening to this. It’s more on the rock side and a lot of the vocals sound really mature in comparison to Yuidoku. The chorus sounds very pop/rock girl group. This song yet again shows their potential and growth in a short amount of time. I wish it had a more mellow sound throughout it (there are awesome slower parts) but the girls stay strong despite the energy tempo (I remember Mai’s voice used to get shaky during up-tempo beats and certain notes). Overall, there’s good energy and this is a good listen. My only complaint is the idol-y elements of the song, but that’s probably unavoidable.

Overall, this single gets ★★★☆☆ (3/5 stars). This single is their most solid and I can see more potential with Yuidoku than I originally assumed. I’m really proud of the girls for a strong release like this – they really could be contenders if they keep improving like this. I’m excited to see what they do next. Looks like I’ll be keeping a closer look on this group than I thought.

Please find a way to purchase this single! The digital copies are really easy to get via Amazon Japan or Recochoku. I do have it available at Jpopsuki as well. Yuigadokuson is also on Spotify! Give it a listen.

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