Miori, 2013
Miori, 2013

Name: Miori Takimoto
Birthdate: 16 October 1991
Nickname: Mii-chan
Birthplace: Tottori prefecture
Height: 162cm (5’4″)
Zodiac: Libra
Blood type: O

Colour: Almost all colours
Animal: Dog
Season All
Book: Harry Potter
Movie: Resident Evil/Biohazard
Phrase: Nanigoto mo charenji! / [Take on all challenges!]

Rhythmic gymnastics

Dancing, long-distance running

Cares about
Family, friends

To be able to do all things through perseverence

Thing she wants to try
Flying in the sky


Miori Takimoto began her professional career as a member of the former group SweetS, signed by avex trax. She was chosen from the avex trax 2002-2003 auditions, and the group debuted on 27 August 2003. During these years, she had side projects such as modeling for various magazines and acting in Waseda Academy commercials. Miori and her fellow ex-SweetS members parted ways on 7 June 2006. She was the only one absent for the final live performance on 10 June 2006. Upon departing from the music business, she decided to pursue a career in acting. She appeared in a music video for Himari in November 2007, her first public work since SweetS’ disbandment. She has since appeared in various commercials and promotional videos, modelled in magazines, and scored a supporting role in the vampire horror movie “Higanjima”. Miori is currently signed with Stardust. She is part of Sony Sonpo’s current ad campaign. As of 27 September 2010, Takimoto was the star of the new drama series, Teppan, which aired Monday through Friday. She grabbed her first big role as Mio Sakuranbo in Ikemen Desu Ne, the Japanese remake of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful. She has since starred in several dramas as well as make guest appearances. She is now the vocalist of the band LAGOON and plans on continuing acting while in the band.

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