Mai News!!

Mai now has a blog!

Below are some photoshoots she’s done.

And a video of her with a couple of other girls!

It looks as though she’s in a play and doing modeling for now. I’m so excited to have her back in the media. Mai was always my personal favorite. :)

5 thoughts on “Mai News!!

  1. Rin says:

    Wow that’s really nice!
    The latest thing I heard about Haruna was when she worked as an assistant in a salon (athena?) and getting her hair, and brows blonde. Many said she’s became so bad… but I think she’s a bit cute…

    By the way, is there anything (like discography and credit-less HQ PV) available that I can download (to reserve it), because after searching for the night I only found some HQ Short.Ver PV and flacs…

    Thanks before :)

  2. Ed says:

    Eliza, thank you so much for maintaining this site. I just discovered SweetS not so long ago, almost 10 years after they existed. I am discovering all that this group was and is and your site is invaluable. Thank you for your dedication! I can’t get Mai’s smile out of my mind, it is so haunting! =)

    • Eliza says:
      Profile photo of Eliza

      Thanks, Ed! It’s comments like this that make me keep the site around. :) I want to always be able to maintain it as a SweetS archive. I’ve been really lazy on updating about the active girls, as well as getting the forums back in order (it’s where I keep their discography) but I’m glad that what’s up now is helpful to you!

    • Eliza says:
      Profile photo of Eliza

      Looks like it… :( Makes me kind of sad, but she’s soooo pretty now! She’s also been working hard on a play. :) As long as she’s happy, I guess?

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