LAGOON release: 『bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru.』


LAGOON, April 2016

Great news! LAGOON will be releasing their first mini-album titled bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru” on June 1. The even better part is that this will include all new songs. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to hear the new material! I think Sony is doing a great job with the pace. Details below:

『僕たちの毎日が永遠になる。』 (bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru)

Release Date: June 1, 2016
SRCL-9077  Price: ¥2,037+tax

M-1 僕たちの毎日が永遠になる。 (bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru)
M-2 あの日の青空、君と。 (ano hi no aozora, kimi to.)
M-3 my home ~心が帰る場所~ (my home ~kokoro ga kaeru basho~)
M-4 サヨナラ (sayonara)
M-5 Red eye ~1人の時間が教えてくれたこと~ (Red eye ~hitori no jikan ga oshiete kureta koto~)

So far you can pre-order it at the following places:


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