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    Just curious to see the demographics of present day SweetS fans. How many are survivors of the disbandment and how many discovered their awesomeness after. Became a fan before 2006? or did you become a fan post disbandment. Name the year and how you came across them.What did you first hear from them?(optional) How old were you then?For my selfBecame a fan late 2003, Early 2004First single I heard was Love Raspberry JuiceWas introduced to them by my older brother. Just started High school.

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    Cool thread idea!I became a fan shortly after LSIS single, so I guess... September or October. So Lolita was my first song. My friend was working on getting me into J-pop and she sent me their song one day as "dessert". 😛 And I guess I was never the same!

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    tattoo fish

    Maybe a month ago :'D And it's all Nevi's fault.

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    2008 desu

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    Became a fan late 2004, just before the release of their 1st mini-album The first songs I heard was the mini album previews on their official website. The 1st one was LolitA*Strawberry in Summer.Was introduced to them by a friend who love young talents.I was 17.

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    way back in time … @ LLCF release, i stumbled over them … and fell in luvmost (old-time fans) i guess do remember me ... so i put it short: Mai-tan got me ...and ever since I stayed a fan (or so xD) of the whole group. to be honest, i didn't listen to their songs for quite a while, but my inner love for them is still around ... and so are all those tons of SweetS-goodies i own!they were a group who really touched me ... that's actually pretty hard to reach =)

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    Gosh. I guess I became a fan in early 2004, about when their first mini-album came out. I had just recently got into J-Pop & idol pop in general. I remember J-Pop fans online were totally in love with that mini-album. I have to admit, it was great….so many wonderful BOUNCEBACK tracks! After that I was a fan of SweetS until they disbanded. Aya was always my favorite, so I was super happy to hear that she's releasing music again. Unfortunately, that music sort of sucks (lol) but whatever, I'll take what I can get.I'm generally a big Hello! Project fan, but SweetS is my ultimate favorite non-H!P idol group of all time!

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