LAGOON release: 『bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru.』


LAGOON, April 2016

Great news! LAGOON will be releasing their first mini-album titled bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru” on June 1. The even better part is that this will include all new songs. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to hear the new material! I think Sony is doing a great job with the pace. Details below:

『僕たちの毎日が永遠になる。』 (bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru)

Release Date: June 1, 2016
SRCL-9077  Price: ¥2,037+tax

M-1 僕たちの毎日が永遠になる。 (bokutachi no mainichi ga eien ni naru)
M-2 あの日の青空、君と。 (ano hi no aozora, kimi to.)
M-3 my home ~心が帰る場所~ (my home ~kokoro ga kaeru basho~)
M-4 サヨナラ (sayonara)
M-5 Red eye ~1人の時間が教えてくれたこと~ (Red eye ~hitori no jikan ga oshiete kureta koto~)

So far you can pre-order it at the following places:


[SINGLE] Rhapsody in White Review


The release date has finally come and gone and the results are in! Rhapsody in White ranked #25 on the Oricon for first day sales… Hopefully they’ll catch up by the end of the sales week.


Overall, I give Rhapsody in White a ★★★★☆ 4/5 star ranking. This is definitely their strongest single to date, and even the two other tracks show their strength.

1. Rhapsody in white  ★★★★★

Okay, so we already know I am a big fan of this song. It’s gentle, easy to listen to, has enough substance that it doesn’t get boring… and even moreso, it fits Miori’s dainty voice. All elements of the band fit nicely together in a great blending of vocals and instruments. And it’s just an all-around well composed song. I think it really shows the maturity that LAGOON has set out to portray that a lot of younger bands don’t have.  So yes, yes, yes. This gets my full 5 star rating. This song gives me so much hope for LAGOON’s future.


2. One More Love  ★★★★☆

I personally like this song a lot. It’s pretty simple, but it’s catchy and upbeat without being obnoxious. Miori sounds adorable in it. It reminds me of KNOCKED-OUT BOY’s style but calmer and less jarring to listen to. This has an 80s vibe to it and Miori definitely puts her all into it (plus it has those pretty sparkly noises in the background that SweetS songs always had). It makes me feel relaxed and hopeful. It’s a good coupling for Rhapsody in White.


3. Futari ga hoshikatta mono  ★★★★☆

This song kind of reminds me of Shout It Out from the previous single (what is it about the third tracks on LAGOON’s single that settle wrong with me?). Miori sounds great, the music is composed nicely — the beginning is so good. But the chorus gets a little too energetic to properly fit with the rest of the song! It creates a disconnect for me, because I was expecting a really nice rock ballad. Things pick up after the first chorus, but it still throws me off. However, overall, I give this 4/5 stars because it incorporates the whole band and I can see it being a blast for them to perform.